Welcome to FearSquare!

FearSquare has been developed by the Lincoln Social Computing Research Centre (LiSC)

Welcome to FearSquare! FearSquare is an application which allows FourSquare users in the UK to easily see the official crime statistics for the places where you 'check-in'. The intention is to give you a uniquely individual look at the levels and types of crimes you are exposed to in your daily life. For more information click the About page.

Please note that we are currently running a study about this application. If you wish to help us out and participate in this study, you will simply be asked to fill out a short questionnaire the first time you use the application. There will be no questionnaires to fill out on any subsequent visits you make to the application - just interesting, location specific crime data! If you do not wish to participate you can choose not to, you can simply log in and see the crime data for your FourSquare check-ins straight away.

If this data causes you distress, or you wish to get in contact with the police please use the links below to seek help

  • Crimestoppers
  • Directgov

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